Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is

A: is an online database of beautiful women working, or available for work in the US and Canada as promo models. provides search features to marketing agencies/clubs/event companies.

Q: How do I register with

A: Just register online here .

Q: Why do you charge $4.99?

A: Creating a profile is only $4.99 per month. For less than the cost of a Grande Starbucks a month profile will be seen by marketing/branding managers looking to hire models.


The $4.99 fee covers the cost of hosting your profile, the cost of marketing our members to the people who do the hiring and it ensures our member database maintains the highest quality.

Q: Can I register with an Agent and with

A: Yes. We do not prohibit you from being represented by any agent or organization, we are just an online resource for finding beautiful talent.

Q: Who will be using the service?

A: Marketing agencies, event production companies, and night clubs use on a 'per gig' basis, but are free to hire or manage any contract they like separately. With our service we will be maintaining a database of individuals that the "Hirers" can access online and contact individuals directly.

Q: If I join, will I be guaranteed work?

A: No, there is no guarantee. does not recruit people directly for gigs - we just provide free access to a database of beautiful women interested in being promo models, brand ambassadors or on-screen talent to Agencies, Marketers and Event Companies. Thus, we cannot guarantee that a member will get offered work.

Q: Can I get a preferred listing?

A: No, we have one type of member in the interest of fairness. We allow agencies, marketing companies and production companies to search by the options available (age/city/measurements etc.) and the more specific the search the more specific the results displayed.

Q: Is solely for Beautiful Women?

A: Yes. We realize this may seem less than politically correct but the major brands and the clubs that are hiring our members are only interested in extremely sexy, vivacious talent.


Photographs on the Web Site

Q: What about My Photos?

A: allows you to place up to 6 photos of yourself into our online database. The best format is jpg format, (400px height by 427px width).

Q: There was an error when I tried to upload my Photo. What do I do?

A: Contact us with the error and we can help. performs some processing on photos when they are uploaded. This is to ensure that photos are of uniform size (427 pixels wide), and that they do not take too much bandwidth.

Q: Can I be called even though I did not submit a photo?

A: Yes, but if there is a photograph they are far more likely to contact you.


Account Information

Q: I forgot my password / nickname. What do I do?

A: If you forget your password click here and use your email (the one you signed up with) to recover your password. The passwords stored in the server are encrypted, so we cannot read your password.

Q: Is my personal information protected?

A: Your data is stored securely on our server. The data available to agencies is just your first name and last initial - they cannot view your email address through our website. If they contact you they will only see your email address if you reply to their email. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: If you wish to delete your account, simply email us (from the email address you used to sign up with) and we will delete your account.

Q: I am under 18. Can I get work here?

A: No.