How It Works links beautiful women (our members) with marketing firms, clubs, interactive advertising agencies, trade shows, major brands and talent agents. You get hired for gigs as promo models and you keep 100% of the money you earn – you become part of our member roster for a small monthly subscription fee.

Times have changed, budgets have been reduced, and marketers and club owners are looking for the world's most beautiful women to help market products, fill rosters in their clubs, models attire, and engage event attendees. This is about getting work based on your beauty - making as much as $200 per hour - to just be you. Hey, if you wind up becoming famous that is a side benefit!

Our network of hiring members use to find the specific people they need. By using our proprietary "search" tool, they view our models members by city, age, ethnicity, and physical characteristics. If there is something quirky or unique about you (talent or otherwise) share it in your profile, or better yet post a video of it!

The site allows gorgeous women like you to create a professional resume using photo, video and bio content. You'll have your profile available to some of the world's leading club owners, sports marketing firms, trade show producers and event producers, not to mention all of the smaller firms now producing engaging marketing initiatives that need beautiful women.

The site is totally private! No contact information is stored on our server and we'll only ever display your first name and last initial. The fact is, to get work in this business, that is all people need to know. When someone does want to hire you communication is handled by the site itself using inter-site mail so no personal details of our talent roster are ever displayed or made available. No phone numbers, no email addresses and no last names will be seen.