From our members:

I had experience doing some trade shows and other events, but it was hard to network and find out what was available on regular job sites - this is perfect - so easy, not expensive (which is important) and I work when I want to, no contract no hassle. Thanks!

Lisa G. - Las Vegas

I had no experience at all, but was thinking of doing some modelling (not that I'm a super model lol) but doing photo shoots for a restaurant menu, or clothing website is easy and fun - plus it goes on my resume and helps me know more people in the business!

Tanya L. - Chicago

I know friends who do promo modeling and event stuff and I figured this was a good first step to see what's available and what its like... so I made a profile and got contacted in a week, I may not be available for every job but it's pretty casual, not like a 9-5! so I can fit gigs in my routine which is awesome!

Nia C. - Vancouver

I was a ring girl in some small MMA promotions and modeled swimwear on a few sites/catalogues a while back but don't have the time to promote myself now that I have a full-time job, so this makes it easy, I sit back and wait for emails to come through and work if I want to, and like the pay/location. Done and done!

Kelly B. - New York City

My friend signed up and after 2 days got hired for a easy trade show job so I thought need to give it a shot too, and took longer for me to get a job but when I did it became a repeat event, every thursday/friday night so thank you sassination!!

Trish S. - Toronto

For $20 a year this is crazy- it's like workopolis for promo model jobs haha - thanks I love it, and it takes no work on my part!!

Angela V. - Atlanta

From Event Marketers/Brands/Clubs:

That was easy! I just log in and it defaults to my city - I can quickly scan through thumbnail photos and click any profile that interests me - then have a look at experience/photos/etc and email then directly. Very fast and very easy - well done.

Tim H. - Boston

I run a small auto parts company and needed two friendly ladies for a few trade shows - just to hand out flyers, greet people, take a few photos with products, etc and this was perfect. I wouldn't even know how to search and hire models normally but this was like a pile of visual resumes and I found two great girls who I have since hired for all my events. I highly recommend to all my colleagues who need to hire people for events, thanks

Greg G. - Toronto

My friend and I were looking to do a photo shoot for a web project we had been working on, and just needed 3 hot girls to wear T-shirts with a logo on it and basically do a few poses (thumbs up, peace sign, whatever) so we could finish the gallery section - it took me all of 15 minutes to find, contact and hear back from several candidates - we worked out the payment and the schedule - awesome.

Yuri R. - Miami

My company handles PR and events for small businesses and we often need a few promo models or brand reps for these - someone to take photos with guests or hand out gift bags, etc - but finding the right people is time consuming and can be very expensive - now we can just log in and contact a few people in minutes - great stuff.

Bryce M. - Las Vegas

We had never hired anyone for modeling/etc but heard about this and gave it a shot - we had a coporate event we were putting on and thought some promo ladies would be a nice addition - they were! We contacted a few people and found one with lots of experience and another who had none (but was very friendly with a great attitude) so we gave it a shot as I said and will do so sagin - I recommend this site for anyone who needs to hire some events models.

David L. - Denver